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About Buxton, North Carolina

Approximate Location Boundaries: This is an unincorporated community which has a residential winter population of slightly less than 1,500  people. It is located on Hatteras Island (part of the Outer Banks) near Cape Hatteras.

Zip Code: 27920

Location Characteristics: Because of its prime location on Hatteras Island in an area that juts out easterly into the Atlantic Ocean, the warm waters of the Gulf Stream come extremely close to Buxton and offer a perfect environment for the early northern migration of many ocean species of fish. When the fish arrive it doesn’t take long for the word to circulate and anglers from all over will line up at "The Point" for an opportunity to catch their own fish of a lifetime. Buxton is the home of the Cape Hatteras Anglers Club with a membership of 900+ strong. CHAC holds an invitational surf fishing team tournament every fall as well as also sending its own members to represent it at several tournaments along the coast

Buxton is also home to the tallest brick lighthouse in America – the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse. A center of history, beauty, education and commerce, the lighthouse has a small museum and visitor’s center. People come from all over to climb the 200-plus steps and see the breathtaking view from the top. Surfers come to ride the waves beside the towering structure and a championship for surfers is held annually near the lighthouse. This iconic structure is what comes to mind for many out-of-towners in the area. Buxton also houses the largest maritime forest along the North Carolina coast. The dense forest, known as Buxton Woods Coastal Reserve, is located in the widest part of the Southern Outer Banks – three miles wide and runs from Buxton to Frisco.

Buxton is Hatteras Island’s local business hub with gas stations, campgrounds, tackle shops, restaurants, grocery store, banks, fire station, EMS station and a small US Post Office. There is also a US Coast Guard Station located within Buxton. As the central community along the islands, Buxton has the area’s only school. It has several small neighborhoods with a variety of variously priced homes. Beware, even with the current housing crunch good quality beach property still doesn’t come cheap.

Real Estate Market Snapshot: The Buxton real estate market has been a buyer’s market for the past several years. Along with the economic and housing crunch that all American’s are currently feeling, local businesses and citizens have been forced to take an active role in defending North Carolina’s previously free and open beaches. The beautiful beaches along Hatteras Island (which includes Buxton) have always been the basis of the local economy until recently when the National Park Service (NPS) decided to begin beach closures in an attempt to expand their bird populations.

Currently, prices remain very reasonable. Since the sold prices for the Outer Banks real estate market has bottomed for many vacation rental properties, the return-on-investment ratios are the BEST that it’s going to get.  Properties are selling and financing is available to qualified buyers. As demand continues to grow and should the inventory of real estate properties continue to shrink, real estate prices will rise. As prices begin to rise, the return-on-investment will be decrease.

If you have been thinking about purchasing an Outer Banks home on Hatteras Island, whether for retirement, for relocation, as income producing vacation investment property or as a vacation getaway, things won’t get much better. Now is the time to come in and talk with “Your Full-time, Overtime, Anytime Realtors”. We will provide you all the crucial information you need to make the best decision.  Please contact us to request our FREE monthly OBX real estate newsletter and our quarterly update with request our FREE monthly OBX real estate newsletter and our quarterly update with OBX Real Estate Market Statistics. We will keep you posted on the most current OBX real estate developments so you can have an edge on others when searching for Outer Banks real estate.

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Posted on February 21, 2013 at 4:24 pm by Hugh "Scooter" Willey